Ideas for You:

The Beach

Google Tybee Island


Savannah airport: Get a flight instructor, fly over tybee in an airplane – maybe take an airplane lesson

Take a helicopter tour of the area

Charter a boat – go inland fishing; no sea sickness - or go out Charter fishing

Work on your tan at the luxurious private pool – or at the beach

Sleep in, late breakfast, pajamas until afternoon – then jump in the Pool

Take a Dolphin tour

Tybee Beach Ecology Trip

Visit Tybee Light House

Take a Paddleboard Lesson

Ride Bikes

Jet Ski

Miniature Golf

Tybee Post Theatre

McQueens Island Historic Trail

Go see the Forts

Take some Tours in town

Visit Historic Property in town

Visit museums

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Savanah River Street

Savannah Riverboat Cruise

Take a lesson on a musical instrument – instructor can come to you

Take a painting class – make some art

Shoot machine guns just over the bridge in South Carolina

Shoot rental guns in savannah at indoor range

Have a picnic on the beach

Buy a good camera, start your photography hobby at the beach

Make pop corn, put on a movie and cuddle

Walk to the Back River fishing pier – just watch, or fish!

Get up early, walk to the beach to watch the sun rise

Walk the beach with a metal detector – find that buried treasure

Get a seashell identification guide, go see what is on the beach

Fishing pole – hook to kite – wind at beach – fun – let out with drag and reel it in – easy

Walk the beach – watch the people

Watch a huge ship transit the Savannah River

Cake and Ice cream for breakfast – Hot dogs, popcorn and candy for lunch - Eggs and bacon for dinner



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